How to Improve 3G Speed

How to Improve 3G Speed – 3 Steps

Many are opting for speedier connection including 3G network as connectivity evolution continuously progress. With this demand, network providers and services keep in sync with the ongoing development of device manufacturers. Nevertheless, even if we benefit with fast connection, we still encounter signal problems from time-to-time. To be able to boost up your 3G connectivity, there are several methods that we can do about it.


How to Improve 3G Speed
How to Improve 3G Speed

What You Need

  • USB adapter *
  • Wireless router or signal booster*
  • External antenna *

(*You can choose one from these offered options.)



  1. Go to your store and download the application or software compatible for your device. Make it a point to visit the manufacturer’s home page in order to know about the latest updates about the software or application.


  1. Relocate your device into a higher place or just near the winder where you can get better signal, hence, the improvement of 3G speed connection.


  1. Connect a USB extension to your 3G dongle. Now, using a universal USB adapter where you can hang the dongle in a location where it can receive a better signal.


Other options:

  • You can attach an external antenna to your 3G device or equipment. You may notice that there are many available devices that contain ports where you can affix external antennas that can capture signal and boost the device’s performance.
  • You can also use a router or signal booster which is more effective and efficient in capturing signals.


The Key

If you can notice, the location of your device or antenna greatly affects the performance or speed of your 3G connectivity.  Make it a point to expose your 3G device places where there is less solid mass that can hinder the entrance of signals.