How to Increase Data Entry Skills

How to Increase Data Entry Skills – 6 Steps

Jobs for data entry workers abound both in companies and for freelancers. The main task of a data entry worker is to input huge amounts of information into computer systems.  With this pressure, it’s just natural that employers seek workers who are proficient in using the computer and is adept in typing.  Whether you are a newbie or an interested jobseeker, know that you have to improve your skills in this department.  So how to you cultivate your skills in data entry?

How to Increase Data Entry Skills
How to Increase Data Entry Skills


  1. Learn typing or encoding by enrolling in a secretarial course. The college can help you with these skills as well as with other relative knowledge in handling the computers.  However, if you’re comfortable with learning by yourself, first learn the basic placing of fingers on the keyboard.  Accustom your fingers with the feel of the home keys: A, S, D, F (for left hand, placing pinky, ring, middle and forefinger on the letters respectively) and J, K, L, “;” (for the right hand placing forefinger, middle, ring and pinky respectively). Both your thumbs must hover a little above the spacebar, for their job is for the bar only.


  1. Download speed-typing software which can be attainable via online purchase or there are always those free versions. Monitor your typing speed as your objective is to gain speed in typing or encoding.


  1. You can also play typing games to enhance finger dexterity and focus.


  1. Type paragraphs or stories from the books in order for you to master keyboard without having to look at the keyboard.


  1. Be sure to practice every day, allotting 10 minutes or more daily.