How to Make a Personal Digital Safety Deposit Box

How to Make a Personal Digital Safety Deposit Box

Nowadays, it’s just a common knowledge for us that, just like our own personal belongings, we must also take good care of our digital information. Due to the fact that more people are now becoming victims to identity theft, we must make sure that everything is kept safe somehow. These things could include our pictures, documents, audios and videos and much more.


Most of us think that whenever someone hacks our online account, we’ll just set up another one and get along with it. Unknown to most of us, our digital information becomes vulnerable and, when that happens, there’s definitely no doubt that chances are that we might get ourselves into much trouble. Even though you don’t have a credit card to register online, it doesn’t meant that your digital information won’t be in much risk. That’s the reason why making a personal digital safety deposit box is a must.

How to Make a Personal Digital Safety Deposit Box


Just like physical safety deposit boxes, digital safety deposit boxes work by keeping your digital belongings such as documents, research papers and the like safe. And just like the almost indestructible metal boxes, it is also protected by a password or code. This makes it hard for hackers to open the box since it uses the latest and most advanced encryption technologies as of date. Needless to say, your files are being kept safely.


Digital safety deposit boxes include using cloud-based storage services such as Google Drive and Dropbox. However, before you do anything else, you must try to remember the things which are listed below:


  1. You must make sure that the cloud-based storage services have safety and security features. These security features include two-factor authentication, which gives you a pin code to put every time you access your storage, and document encryption. Needless to say, if the service doesn’t have these, you might as well find something else.


  1. Just store the most important files and documents. Since your digital storage is only limited just like the metal one, you must make sure that you will just put the most important things there, things that you just can’t afford to lose such as research, thesis and the like.


  1. Use at least two or more different cloud-based services to store your precious files. Due to the fact that sites can be taken down as the time passes by, chances are that your files will go down with it as well. Make sure that you have these files stored in other cloud-based services as well.