How to Trace a Mobile IP Address

How to Trace a Mobile IP Address (Internet Protocol)

Tracking an IP (internet protocol) address of a desktop computer or laptop can be much easier compared to their handier counterparts: mobile phones.  This is due to the fact that mobile phones travel with their handlers most often.  Along with the distance covered, comes the changing of location and the IP address provided by the server.  Thus, there can be a tad difficulty tracking the IP address of a mobile phone. However, we have provided in this article necessary steps you can follow in order to track down the IP address you want to have.


How to Trace a Mobile IP Address
How to Trace a Mobile IP Address



  • Mobile phone
  • Desktop computer or laptop (using Windows OS)
  • Internet connection



  1. You can get the IP address of a mobile phone by going to the device’s wireless or internet settings. However, sometimes you may want to use IP detection site like,, or with the help of your internet. Jot down or copy the IP address provided to you.


  1. In your desktop or laptop computer, click on the Start button. Note that this only works on Windows powered desktop or laptop.


  1. Click on the Search Box and type “cmd” then press “Enter.” The “cmd” opens the Command Prompt.


  1. When the Command Prompt box opens, type “tracert” and the IP address you just acquired.


  1. Finally, tap on your “Enter” key and the IP address will be traced and further information about the location will be provided.