Report Websites containing Malware

How will You Report Websites containing Malware?

Malware sites or websites containing malware or malicious software swarm the internet these days. Most of us have encountered the scene where you want to download some useful software but had received malware instead on a site that you think is quite legitimate. It’s also the same with knowing the fact that malware does nothing but trouble to your computer and internet connection. Depending on the type of malware, they can collect your personal information or internet surfing habits, display memory-hogging advertisements and most of all download additional viruses and worms in your computer. But whatever the trouble is, the truth remains that there’s a particular site where it came from.

Report Websites containing Malware
Report Websites containing Malware


However, malware does not come only in malware sites alone. There are also legitimate sites that upload malware in your computer due to an unknown script that is installed by either a hacker or unknowingly, by the website creator. There are also cases that the site where you’re surfing to doesn’t have malware but its site redirects (that is, the sites where you get directed to) have.

Whatever the case is, you must report that particular site to Google immediately. In order to do this, you must follow these two simple steps:

  1. Visit Google’s Report a Malware (Badware) Page and make a report. Provided that you have already copied the site’s URL address, paste that in the input URL box then confirm that you are not a robot.


  1. In the second box, explain the Reason why you think that the site contains Malware. You must make sure that you have indicated whether it is a Malware Site, a Legitimate Website redirecting you to a Malware site, etc. before submitting your report.


Once that Google confirms that your report has been sent, you’re done.