Know the Location of your Facebook Friends

Know the Location of your Facebook Friends via Google Map Motive

If you want to see the location of your Facebook friends on the map, might as well consider having Map Motive.  It is a Facebook application that collects the location data of your Facebook friends and pegs them into a Google Map.  The next time you may visit their place, you can easily track them down using this instant geographical visual aid.

Know the Location of your Facebook Friends
Know the Location of your Facebook Friends


Using the Map Motive, you can simply zoom to a country, state, city or street to know your friends’ location.  Let’s say you want to check out who in your friends are currently residing in California.  The app can instantly give you their location, complete with their profile picture so you can never go wrong.  Now, if you want a particular place within California—like Anaheim—you can simply zoom into Anaheim and check out who are located there.


There are only two downsides about Map Motive:

  • You cannot find those friends who hid their location details on Facebook.


The app does not breach the privacy of Facebook users and collect only the data of your friends who declared their location to their friends or the public.

  • The locations of your friends are not really that specific since the app only depends on the location input in your friends’ profiles.


As explained, the app only works depending on the data it gathered from your friends’ location details.  It will not go aboard as to know the exact location of your friends most especially if they did not declare it in their profile account.


Update about Map Motive:  Unfortunately, Map Motive is currently no longer working.