List of Important Google URLs that Everyone Should Know

List of Important Google URLs that Everyone Should Know

 There’s no doubt that Google has dominated the cyber age, whether inside or outside the internet. From the search engine to the Android OS itself, Google has made sure that everyone can have the convenience of using their services. Whether you’re chatting with your friends or making videos online, you’re using Google’s facilities. And as we all know, most of their services are usually offered to us for free, though you can also pay them for a monthly subscription, as in the case of YouTube Red.


However, aside from Gmail, Google Play, Blogger, Hangouts and YouTube, there are other Google URLs that you must know, especially if you’re a dedicated Google user. These sites are actually very important, especially if you’re deeply concerned about your overall internet security.

List of Important Google URLs that Everyone Should Know

Cutting long introductions short, listed below are the Google URLs that every Google User must know:


  1. Google Passwords Website – Unknown to most Google users including us, Google is saving up a nice store of usernames and passwords that you have type in Google Chrome or in Android OS whenever you are logging in your favorite social networking sites. You can also view all of this information in notepad format.


  1. Google Ads ( – By using this site, Google makes a profile of yourself, from your age up to your internet activities, therefore letting them target you with the advertisements that they think will suit you.


  1. Takeout ( – This enables you to take or export all of your Google Data the easy way. You can easily download your uploaded photos, contacts, messages and even your uploaded YouTube Videos in this Google URL.


  1. Google Legal ( – A part of Google’s support site, this is where you should go whenever someone takes and poses your copyrighted digital content without your permission. If this is your case, you can file all of the necessary complaints here.


  1. Google Maps ( – If you’re using your Android smartphone’s Google Maps app, be informed that this app reports your location in Google Servers, along with a very nice timeline. If you don’t believe it, just take a look on the site yourself.


  1. Google History Website – This is the most important Google URL that you must pay attention to. Whenever you’re logged into your Google account, Google keeps tab of every website you browse on, whether it is illegal or not. Needless to say, if you don’t want them monitoring you, you must make sure that you erase everything in it.