Free Password Recovery Tools that Everyone Should Have

If you’re somewhat old and getting more forgetful nowadays, there’s no doubt that you’re constantly forgetting your own computer’s passwords already. However, aside from the elderly, most people also forget their passwords, especially if you have at least five passwords to remember every day.


Nowadays, forgetting passwords is an important issue since it gives you the power to have control over something which, in this case, is none other than your own laptop computer. That’s the reason why password recovery tools are a must-have.

Free Password Recovery Tools that Everyone Should Have

To those who didn’t know, password recovery tools are software that operates in different ways. Some password recovery tools use hacking techniques such as brute-force attacks in order to guess your passwords while others have the feature or ability to reset it even without trying to guess the password itself.


If in case that you’re interested, listed below are some of the free password recovery tools that you can use, especially if you think that you’re forgetting things most of the time:


  1. Ophcrack – Reputed to be the best Windows password recovery tool until now, Ophcrack can be downloaded online and be written on a CD-R or even on a USB Flash Drive before you can use it. It can easily crack Windows passwords, provided that the user must have a basic knowledge of Windows OS.


  1. Offline NT Password & Registry Editor – Unlike other Windows password recovery software that takes the usual guessing of passwords, the Offline NT Password & Registry Editor directly erases the Windows password from the system administrator’s system file, enabling the user to boot up Windows the usual way without prompting for any password.


  1. Kon-Boot – Just like Offline NT Password & Registry Editor, Kon-Boot directly erases the password from .SAM file, the place where Windows passwords are being stored. However, the latest update can only be used in 32-bit Windows Vista OS and not with 64-bit Windows OS versions.


  1. Cain & Abel – Being one of the longest-running Windows password recovery software out there, Cain & Abel works only if you’re logged in and your account has Windows Administrator privileges. Aside from Windows passwords, Cain & Abel can also be used in order to crack WEP keys, email passwords and much more. In addition to those, it can guess passwords via brute-force and dictionary attack methods.


  1. Trinity Rescue Kit – Just like other rescue kits out there, Trinity must be written on a CD or USB Flash Drive and boot from it. One done, you can use it to clear Windows passwords or even put a new one without the need of the old password. It works with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and Windows 10.