Pluralsight Training

How to Use Pluralsight Training – 4 Steps

If you want to learn computer programming through self-study, then Pluralsight is one of the greatest sites for you to go to.  No qualms, no assessment… all you have to have is your desktop computer, Microsoft account and your willingness to learn.

Pluralsight Training
Pluralsight Training


Whether you’re a beginner, someone with enough knowledge or already a pro, you can always bring your skills into the next level through Pluralsight’s training—from JavaScript to PHP to the likes of React and AngularJS.  It is a subscription-based service and you may need to pay $30 monthly but it’s certifiably worth every penny.


However, here’s a twist:  If you are a member of the Microsoft Visual Studio program, which—mind you—is free, then you instantly qualify for a free membership to the Pluralsight library for 6 month.  Again, you don’t have to present any credit card or coupon codes because your determination is just enough.


Follow the directions properly in order to activate your Pluralsight subscription:



  1. Head to and make your new Microsoft Account; but if you already have one, just be free to do the second step.


  1. Go to and log-in using your Microsoft Account.


  1. This directs you to the Visual Studio Dev Essentials page where you can choose Pluralsight as one of your benefits and click Get Code.


  1. Finally, you will be directed to the Pluralsight website where you have to activate your half-year subscription to the service.



  • Pluralsight has Android and iPhone apps that you can learn about. They also have a desktop player that you can utilize in order to download and watch the videos offline.