Using Google as Proxy Server

How to Bypass Download Files, Web Pages and Paywalls Using Google as Proxy Server

If you are having trouble in accessing web pages, there are a lot of simple ways for you to bypass restrictions using Google as your proxy server.  You can actually download files, bypass paywalls and access files restricted at your area or workplace.


Using Google as Proxy Server
Using Google as Proxy Server


The trick is goes like this:  when you access any page through one of Google’s proxies, the content of particular page is downloaded on Google servers and is automatically served to you.  Now, here is the list of Google proxies we are talking about:


  • Google Translate

Surprise! This Google feature can serve as a proxy stating with setting the destination language as the actual language of the page.  Next, you have to set the source language into any language other than the language you set in destination language.


Example, you accessed a page that uses English as medium of language, just set the destination language (tl) in the URL as ‘en’ and the source language (sl) as ‘ja’ for Japanese.


  • Google Mobilizer

The main mobilize service on has been discontinued but you can still get through it using country-specific Google domain like or  In this case you can use the URL: This option is great if you want to read text-rich pages and even comes with an option of disabling inline images so you can quick loading.


  • Google Modules

As part of the personalized homepage service of Google, the domain is used for hosting gadgets that are available for Google homepage. It lets you download files such as videos, mp3s, PDFs and many more aside from letting you view restricted web pages. Just type or paste this: