Receive SMS Alerts for Gmail through Twitter

How to Receive SMS Alerts for Gmail through Twitter – 4 Steps

Getting instant notices on your SMS inbox for important emails in your Gmail would be bliss if this is possible.  And yes it is made possible via your Twitter account!


Receive SMS Alerts for Gmail through Twitter
Receive SMS Alerts for Gmail through Twitter


Connecting your Twitter and Gmail accounts will render Gmail notifications going to your mobile app in a form of text message via Twitter.  Now all you have to do is to follow the steps aligned below and marvel at how your Gmail notifications go easy for you:




  1. Sign out of your existing Twitter account and go to this link instead: com/signup to make a new Twitter account that can work hand-in-hand with your Gmail.


  1. Confirm your email address, open the Twitter settings page and check on the option that says, “Protect My Tweets.” This will enable private settings on Gmail notifications so that none of the users or search engines will be able to see or show your tweets made through your Gmail.


  1. Log in to this link using your Gmail account to copy the Google Sheet and choose Authorize under the Gmail to Twitter menu (located near Help). Note that you have to grant permission using your new Twitter account.


  1. As soon as you have granted permission, choose Start from the Gmail to Twitter menu and enter your Gmail search query. For instance, you may want to put is:important is: unread in:inbox newer_than:1d in order to receive notification for new, unread and important emails in your Gmail.  Don’t forget to click on OK to finalize.


Remember that this will work on new emails and not on the old ones.  It should give you notifications every 10-15 minutes, with the messages logged into your Google Sheet for recording.