How to Record Video Conversations in Skype and Google Hangouts

Nowadays, most people have Google and Skype accounts as a part of their social networking life. Because of these two, conversations from two people who are on opposite sides of the globe can now connect with each other in the most convenient way. As long as there’s an available computer and an internet connection, that is.


In addition to that fact, Skype and Google Hangouts (Google’s Chat App) are now being used whenever an online employer wants to make a video interview to his or her client. Because of this, recording video conversations, which is a part of a potential reference, is definitely a must. However, we all know that Skype doesn’t have this feature yet, and Hangouts on Air app is needed in order to record Google Hangouts Video conversations. In addition to that, Hangouts on Air needs you to do a live broadcast via YouTube, which is somewhat difficult for some.


The good news is, we can now use Camtasia or Snagit in order to do the video recording for us. These two are quite simple to install and setup, therefore enabling you to do the necessary video recordings in no time at all.


However, before you do record all of your video conversations, you must make sure that you remember and do the things which are listed below.


  1. Make sure that the online video conversations and recordings are permissible by law. In some countries such as Saudi Arabia, video conversations and even the use of social networking sites are now banned while others permit social networking but prohibit any kinds of video recordings. Needless to say, don’t conduct any video conversations especially if the country of the one whom you’re talking to doesn’t even permit it.


  1. Prepare your Computer, web cameras and lighting. Some computers or laptops nowadays have the web cameras included but, sad to say, most of them aren’t high-definition. If that’s the case with your computer, make sure that you have the right one. In addition to that, make sure that your room is well-lighted.


  1. Make sure that the background noise is being taken care of. Always make sure that there are no background noises in your place especially if you’re recording a video conversation. In addition to that, make sure that your headset has the noise suppression feature.


  1. Always make sure that your words can be understood clearly. Whenever you’re talking with someone online, it’s just natural that you can understand each other’s words clearly. This is also the case whenever you are doing some serious video conversation recordings.