Make RSS Feeds for Google Search Results

How to Make RSS Feeds for Google Search Results – 7 Steps

Google Alerts give you a simple and easy way to make RSS feeds from the Google search results of any inquiry.  If you want to keep track of the new web pages that match your Google search queries, then this one is a good option.


Make RSS Feeds for Google Search Results
Make RSS Feeds for Google Search Results


However, here’s a little downer about Google Alerts—there is a big limitation with feeds as it won’t include search results from all over the web.  For some, creating a feed with Google Alerts may be futile.  But then again, we have an alternate method for making RSS feeds by following the steps given below:


Note:  This method can even let you have RSS feeds for Google Images.



  1. Head to Google Custom search and make a new search engine. If you want to make queries from the entire web, just put *.com as the site to the search, edit your CSE and under Sites to Search section, choose the option that tells you, “Search the entire web but emphasize included sites.”


  1. Create a note of the Google CSE id (example; xxxx:yyy) and click the Search Engine ID button located under Details to know your CSE ID.


  1. Proceed to Google Developers Console, log-in using your Google Account and start making a new Project. You are free to name your project and when you’re done, simple click on the Create Project button.


  1. Go to the API & Auth link located in the sidebar and hit on APIs where you can search for Custom Search API and enable it.


  1. To get the API key under the same API & Auth group, click on Credentials>> Add Credentials>> Browser Key and click the Create


  1. Now that you have all the basic requirements, check on the basic feed URL and it should be something like this:


  1. You will have to replace xxx:yy with the Search Engine ID, abc with the API key and query with your actual search query. If your query has multiple words, just put + sign in between.  That’s it!


There are various search parameters to the Feed URL just like these:


  • safe = high (filters adult content from your search results)
  • searchType = image (searches images only and that the default is web pages)
  • googlehost = (returns results from Google Germany)
  • dateRestrict = d10 (returns resultspublished in the last 10 days)