How to Make Searching Easier in Google

Google has many tricks on its sleeve when it comes to making thing easier.  We are also talking about how you can make searching easier.  The search engine giant actually has amazingly great hidden syntax that you can use to find exactly the things you want in no time. If you’re interested in finding them out, then you’re in the right article.



There is one thing that you have to remember about searching in Google:  You don’t need to use capital letters.  The capitalized words below are only typed as such to put emphasis on the commands.  Otherwise, you can just type them in lower case.  Without further ado, let’s unveil the list of quick tips in how to make “Google-ing” easier for you.


Basic Search Grammar

If you want to find results containing both dogs and cats, type:

dogs AND cats


If you want results that contain either dogs or cats, type:

dogs OR cats  or dogs|cats


If you want to find the exact phrase for Apollo 11 launch, you must include quotation marks:

Apollo 11 launch


If you want results with both Antonio Banderas, type:

Antonio + Banderas


If you want results with Antonio but do NOT include Banderas, type:

Antonio Banderas


If you want to find camaraderie and its synonyms, type:



If you want to find art history and numbers between 1800 and 1899, type:

art history 1800..1899


Advanced Search Grammar

Let’s say you want to find a PowerPoint presentation about haunted mansions, you can type:

haunted mansions filetype: ppt


If you want to check your flight status in—let’s say—Asia Pacific, you can type:

asia pacific 187T7


If you want to check the time in California, you can simply type;



If you want to find body texts of a particular website such as



If you want to find the habitat of whale sharks by searching only the anchor text, type:

intitle:habitat of whale sharks


If you want to know about the weather in New Delhi, India, you can type:

weather new delhi in


Note:  These Google search tricks are sometimes modified so it’s better for you to stay updated of the latest commands.