Share GIF Image on Twitter

How to Share GIF Image on Twitter – 4 Easy Steps

Expressing your thoughts and feelings through GIF’s is the newest trend today.  Since the 17th of February this year (2016), the social media giant announced its newest feature that supports posting of animated images. Before heading to the actual tutorial, let us give you a rundown on why you should share GIF’s on Twitter instead of the usual plain shout outs.

Share GIF Image on Twitter
Share GIF Image on Twitter


  • GIF’s are a lot of fun and tell more story than the static images.
  • GIF’s helps us to express our thoughts and emotions more dramatically.
  • GIF’s grab more attention—a big plus to those who want to gain attention.



  1. Just like the old times, you can choose and save all the GIF’s you want to have into your device. Alternatively, you can use—or if you have the Giphy mobile application, simply punch the Twitter share button—and the image is immediately reflected on your news feed. As you can notice, either of these two steps entails you to leave your Twitter account.


  1. Now, if you’re right on your Twitter page and would like to post the GIF, just head to the tweet composer and search for the GIF icon located in between the camera and poll icons.


  1. A new tab with various GIF categories will soon appear. All you have to do is to choose from them and—voila!—they are automatically inserted into your tweet.  Should you ever change your mind about the animated image, just hit the X icon and it will then be erased.


  1. Feel free to add your caption before finalizing your tweet.