How to Print Storyboard Straight from a YouTube Video


A Powerpoint presentation gives us a convenient frame by frame exposition, reminiscent of a storyboard presentation.  If you want to print each slide, that could be possible.  On the other hand, videos—even short presentation videos—can’t be printed in a way you can print a Powerpoint presentation.  For such as these, there are software applications designed for the storyboarding but they may cost a few bucks.


Video producers and editors create their own hard copies by extracting a series of images from the created video.  They would print out the said images in strip arrangement for further review.  Similarly, we can do this using YouTube bookmarklet to stitch together images and make it into a storyboard.  Note, however, that this is not done manually.  Instead YouTube does all the work for you.  All you have to do is to stand by, watch the movie and relax until the storyboard has been completed.

How to Print Storyboard Straight from a YouTube Video
How to Print Storyboard Straight from a YouTube Video



  1. Drag the YouTube marklet to your browser’s bookmark toolbar.
  2. Open YouTube and select a short video (for your convenience) and then the bookmarklet link. Upon clicking on the bookmarklet link, YouTube should be able to create a storyboard for your selected video.
  3. Wait for the YouTube to complete the job and after that, you can instantly print or safe the storyboard as a PDF file. Finished!



  • It also works on public sites or webpages containing YouTube videos.
  • The service is free of charge and can be accessed anytime.



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