Case Sensitivity

The Truth behind Case Sensitivity Feature

Good day, everyone! I’m Parminder Singh and right now, we’re going to talk about Case Sensitivity. If you’re a social networking enthusiast, there’s no doubt that you had encountered this matter already.

The Truth behind Case Sensitivity Feature

What is Case Sensitivity, by the way?

If in case you didn’t bother asking yourself, Case Sensitivity is a computer feature that discriminates between uppercase and lowercase letters in the alphabet while typing. This feature is commonly used by everyone when it comes to computer and social networking passwords.


Why is Case Sensitivity a BIG DEAL to Computers?

Due to the fact that computer and internet security are being compromised nowadays, using case sensitivity can significantly increase your security. Even though the words HUMAN, Human and human have the same pronunciation, this will give the hacker at least FIVE MINUTES to think of the actual password. And since some people are very tricky to bother typing human as their computer’s password, lucky guesses would be downright impossible, indeed.


What are the other uses for Case Sensitivity?

Aside from passwords, case sensitivity can also be used in your account’s username, computer programming commands, variables and even file names. Just like the Windows OS, some programs such as C++ also use this feature especially when it comes to typing various commands. If you’re a C++ Programmer, you must have known that the ‘cout’ is way different from ‘Cout’.


Case Sensitivity and the Internet

If you’re using Yahoo Mail, you must have found out already that the site wants you to have at least one uppercase letter and a number in your password. This is because of the fact that dictionary type password crackers nowadays now hack weak passwords in less than an hour. Needless to say, the more you are creative in making your own password, the higher the possibilities of your own Yahoo Mail account to get secured. So don’t ever think that typing ‘admin’ instead of ‘Admin’ is just the same. And typing ‘APPLE’ instead of ‘ApplE’ will make your Yahoo Mail Account say that you typed an incorrect password.


Why is Case Sensitivity Feature Very Important?

If you think that case sensitivity feature isn’t needed by people nowadays, THINK AGAIN. If computer and internet security isn’t that important to you, better expect that hackers will have a field day once they manage to get inside your account. It’s somewhat okay if you’re just browsing the internet or playing online games every day. But if you have an online bank account like PayPal and you’re using a weak password, expect that your hard-earned money will get stolen right away.