U.S. Government Sites

Top Twenty U.S. Government Sites

There are lots of U.S. Government sites that can be accessible online. And to top it all, these are the top twenty sites that are mostly being visited by citizens.


U.S. Government Sites
U.S. Government Sites


  1. gov – Mainly serves as the public portal for loads of U.S.-related internet resources online.
  2. The Library of Congress – Aside from being an internet library, this one is also the largest repository of American Culture.
  3. THOMAS – Named after the late known Anti-Federalist President Thomas Jefferson, this one serves as the sub-site of the Library of Congress.
  4. GPO Access Core Documents of U.S. Democracy – You can find every historical U.S. Article here, from the Articles of Confederation to Statistical Abstract of the United States.
  5. Federal Citizen Information Center – You can find U.S.-related booklets, government publications, consumer action alerts and more.
  6. Ben’s Guide to U.S. Government for Kids – Named after late President Benjamin Franklin, this site provides K-12 learning tools for students, parents and teachers.
  7. gov – Over 1500 health-related organizations are represented in this site and is the best when it comes to finding government-related health and human services.
  8. NCHS Vital Records – This one has a huge database of Statistics Records stored.
  9. gov – This brings you fresh news from the White House and more.
  10. S. Census Bureau – Visit this site if you want to know the latest U.S. census findings.
  11. CIA World Factbook – Find a world country’s detailed information here.
  12. S. Department of Veterans Affairs – Recommended for U.S. War Veterans.
  13. FEMA – The Federal Emergency Management Agency is a great source for the latest emergency headlines.
  14. Internal Revenue Service – The most feared U.S. department can also be easily accessed via this site.
  15. S. Postal Service – You can now print postage and labels online.
  16. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association – Visit NOAA for the latest weather and climate-related news.
  17. The National Archives – View historical documents and photos here.
  18. Social Security Online – If you need to apply for social security or update your Medicare card, visit this one.
  19. S. Geological Survey – USGS, being one of the most interesting places on the Web, focuses on nearly everything that is geologically-related.
  20. State and Local Government Information – You can find government-related links here.