How to View Restricted YouTube Videos in Your Country – 3 Options

Sometimes, it can be quite frustrating when you come across a certain video in YouTube with attention-grabbing title plus raving comments underneath that is actually restricted in your country.  Nope, this is not really about internet censorship applied by some of the countries like Saudi Arabia or China, but that YouTube has given its content owners the choice to restrict videos to particular regions on the globe.  YouTube filters automatically detect your country through its filters and implement the restriction if your region falls under the list of the restricted areas.


View Restricted YouTube Videos in Your Country


Some of these examples include BBC videos that can only be watched in UK, and the Olympic Games channel that is actually blocked in the United States of America.


But as they say, “If there’s a will, there’s a way,” so are we are going to use a workaround technique. When you see the display error notice telling you that “This video is not available in your country,” just choose from your options below to be able to watch that YouTube video.



Option No. 1


Option No. 2


  • Alternatively, you can download the YouTube video you want to view through a proxy and watch it offline later.


Option No. 3


  • This might be new to you but you can actually use Google Translate as a free proxy server. Just type the YouTube video URL inside Google Translate and—presto!—watch the YouTube video without any problem.