VPN Providers

Best VPN Providers as of Date

Due to the fact that the Internet isn’t safe anymore as most of used to enjoy, more and more people are now using the security features that a Virtual Private Network provides. To those who didn’t know a VPN is a security feature that actually works the same as call bouncing during the early phase of the internet. In order to explain things easier, by connecting to various computer servers, a VPN enables you to connect and browse online anonymously by tricking Web Servers that you’re surfing on a computer that is located in other countries.

Best VPN Providers as of Date

For example, by using a VPN, you can fool computers into thinking that you’re surfing the internet in England even though the truth is, you’re still inside the comforts of your own home in Germany. Because of this security concept, people who are using VPNs are somewhat difficult to pinpoint in terms of geological location; they also have access to websites that are actually blocked in their country.


Listed below are some of the best VPN providers where you can avail free or premium VPN security services.


  1. TunnelBear VPN – Being one of the easiest and most user-friendly VPNs out there, TunnelBear only requires you to register and download its software online. Both available for desktop and mobile, TunnelBear VPN allows you to use its services in both free and paid versions. The free version has a limited bandwidth while the paid allows you to surf the internet anonymously for five dollars per month or fifty dollars for one year.


  1. IPVanish VPN – Actually being recommended by various online websites, IPVanish VPN has the L2TP protocol, which allows its users to view web pages that are actually blocked in their country. Needless to say, the VPN service will allow you to browse online content regardless of its restriction for $78 per annum or ten dollars per month.


  1. Private Internet Access (PIA) VPN – If you’re looking for a good VPN client but are somewhat short on funds, the PIA VPN is the one for you. Only costing $7 per month, PIA VPN offers you various security features such as anonymous surfing, concealing DNS leaks from both hackers and online authorities, shared IP addresses and most of all, automatically disconnecting you in case that the VPN site suddenly becomes offline. Because of this feature, the PIA VPN is being spoken highly of both average internet users and experts alike.