Wireless Hackers

3 Things that Wireless Hackers Want to Stay Secret

If you are thinking that having an encrypted wireless access point will keep you safe, then you’re living in delusion.  This is the main reason hackers—malicious guys as they are—want you to stay believing that piece of wrong information so they may continue their invisible attacks on your network and/or computer system.


Wireless Hackers
Wireless Hackers


Here are three things that wireless hackers want to stay secret, lest they be busted of their illegal pursuits:


  • WEP encryption is rather pointless in protecting your wireless network for it is easily cracked.

Yup, you heard (or read) it right, folks! WEP isn’t really something big since it can be hacked in just a matter of MINUTES!  Even a not-so-talented hacker will be able to go through your network or computer system in no time.  Just so you know, WPA2 is the newer and stronger protection layer in this era. Simply update your router into WPA2 by going to your wireless router manufacturer’s website for directions.


  • MAC filter is rather ineffective and weak in preventing unauthorized devices from joining your network.

Know that every IP-based hardware or item (like game system, mobile devices, desktop computers, printers…etc.) has a unique code called MAC address in its network interface. The wireless router can inspect the MAC address of the network device asking for permission to access or join your network.  We think that this may be a good security measure, but let the truth be told—it actually isn’t.  Hackers can fool the inspection by faking a MAC address that matches the approved one.  All they need is to use a wireless packet capture program to sniff on the wireless traffic and see which MAC addresses can cross over the network.  With the info, they can easily and simply set their MAC addresses to match the ‘pass’ and they can then join the network.


  • You can disable your wireless router’s remote administration feature so you can block a hacker from joining your wireless network—RIGHT!


Many wireless routers include a feature setting that enables you to administer the router via wireless connection.  It simply means that you can access all of the routers’ security setting (plus other features) without even touching the main computer (the one that is directly plugged into the router using an Ethernet cable).  In reality, you have given the hacker an easier passage or permission to administer your network remotely.  The hacker can then change the settings into something more accessible.  Now, to prevent this kind of onslaught, turn the “allow admin via wireless” feature off so that only the person with physical connection to the network can administer the wireless settings.   Additionally, change the default password setting into something only you (and your family) will know.