How Youtube Computes an Uploaded Video’s Views

How Youtube Computes an Uploaded Video’s Views

Who of us doesn’t stumble in YouTube these days? As a matter of fact, this site provides free video streaming, from oldest cartoons to newest movies (pirated or not). However, most of us didn’t know that those who uploaded the videos can also rake in heaps of monetary profits, provided that the YouTube account and Google AdSense is working, and that the number of views is legitimate. In the past, whenever people watch a YouTube video, it is taken as one view. However, times are changing, and so is YouTube’s Policy.

How Youtube Computes an Uploaded Video’s Views
How Youtube Computes an Uploaded Video’s Views


As of now, YouTube Video Views can be calculated by means of these two methods:


  1. In Counting Youtube Views – As of now, YouTube focuses on counting views via 301 freeze system. This means that whenever a YouTube Video reaches 301 views, the site starts verifying the views in order to make sure that they are legitimate, meaning that the video was seen and completed properly by legitimate people around the world. After a certain video has reached that threshold, the views are then reviewed and verified by YouTube before calculating the number of individual views.


  1. In Calculating a Youtube Video View – As of now, Google AdSense, the monetization method being used by Youtube, counts the video as legitimate traffic once it was viewed in not less than 30 seconds. In other words, videos that have less than 30 seconds time length are not counted at all. In addition to that fact, Youtube considers a legitimate view by an IP Address in 6 to 8 hour break cycles, meaning that an average user can only generate at least 3 to 5 legitimate view counts per day. And to top it all, embedded Youtube Video links with autoplay feature enabled does not count also, along with those video links with misleading titles.