YouTube Red

YouTube Red : A Project worth Waiting For

For years we’ve been waiting for YouTube to help us listen to our favorite songs even if the screens of our phones have been turned off.  We can’t really blame the geniuses at the back of this popular video streaming site.  After all, they are still businessmen who must also think of revenues.  Simply put, endless streaming of music from the background with our phone screen off means limiting people to see and click on ads on the site.


YouTube Red
YouTube Red


Anyway, if the rumor about this new project is true, then we can really rejoice for a dream come true.  However, as the Californian giant does not impart details about their YouTube Red just yet, we can only speculate.  What we only know is that this current project has something to do with YouTube videos running in the background, a feature that you can actually enjoy if you subscribe to YouTube Music Key.


What (or rather who) sparked this speculation? Well the code hounds of AndroidPolice uncovered some information relating new features in the YouTube app to a service coded as YouTube Red.  They even had screenshots that exhibits the name used when the background playback is turned on.  Not only that, Android Police even claims that they got some tips YouTube Red is actually a re-brand for YouTube Music Key.  Thus, if this comes out well, YouTube Red will give us continuous music video streaming without the ads, running in the background (with the screen off) and save the videos straight from YouTube for the offline play.


Yet, here’s another possibility about this new project—it might just be an expansion with the same features for the YouTube subscription service.


Google will be having a press event on September 29 so we may get the answers we are looking for even if the said event will talk about more about YouTube Gaming.  But who knows if the tech giant feels sharing more info instead of letting us grope in the dark.