How are YouTube and Vimeo Different from Each Other

How are YouTube and Vimeo Different from Each Other?

Let’s just say that you’re now finished doing the video recording, interview or whatever it is. Now that you’re confident about how the video will appear online, let’s now try answering this question: What video hosting and streaming site are you going to upload your videos on? Nowadays, there are lots of video streaming sites online, along with lots of subscribers and free users. However, let’s just talk about the two most popular sites in this category: YouTube and Vimeo.


There’s definitely no doubt that you’ve already heard about YouTube. But if in case that you don’t know, Vimeo is also very popular, especially to music artists that are making their own music videos. To those who didn’t know, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, One Direction, Taylor Swift and lots more have their music videos posted also on Vimeo. If this is the case, the only question that really needs answering would be: How are YouTube and Vimeo different from each other?


The truth is, these two sites have their own sets of advantages, some of which are listed here:


  • Very large array of subscribers and users along with lots of potential constructive and destructive comments.
  • Always free but also offers an ad-free version, YouTube Red for $10 per month.
  • When you try to replace your uploaded video, the analytics concerning the previous one will be deleted, regardless of its content.
  • Lots of ads can be found almost anywhere, including the video you’re watching.
  • Can automatically schedule unlisted, private options and release times.



  • Most members are usually mature and most of them offer constructive criticisms.
  • It has three different available tiers: Free, Plus and Pro, and these three have different features and prestige as well.
  • Replacing videos are allowed without losing analytics and stats.
  • You would not find any kind of advertisements here, which most of us find very annoying.
  • Options are all password-protected, depending on your settings.

Needless to say, most of us will find convenience in posting videos to YouTube due to the fact that it’s very easy for us to find audiences here. However, if you want to view your videos seamlessly without those annoying ads, Vimeo is a good choice. In addition to that, Vimeo isn’t that strict when it comes to using copyrighted audio in your video recording compared to YouTube, which is a definite plus.

How are YouTube and Vimeo Different from Each Other?