YouTube’s SnoopaVision

YouTube’s SnoopaVision: Google’s Next-level Virtual Reality

There’s no doubt that Google is known to release new technological innovations at almost quarterly basis. Last time, they are working in order to take photo and image recognition to a whole new level. And right now, they are now introducing a new one: That is, taking VR or Virtual Reality technology to the next level. And how are they going to do this? That’s where YouTube’s SnoopaVision enters the scene. Even though this was announced last April 1st, Google ensures us that this is not an April Fools’ Day Prank.


YouTube’s SnoopaVision
YouTube’s SnoopaVision


Why is it called SnoopaVision? Whether you believe it or not, it is because the world-famous hip-hop artist Snoop Dog personally wrote the program code of this one and he was also involved in the YouTube Team’s brainstorming of the said concept. The YouTube Team only contacted him to become a part of this project because of his artistic fame. However, they’ve got no idea that the artist also happens to be a brilliant programmer and was much acquainted when it comes to virtual technology integration. If you’re not familiar with Snoop Dog, you can now browse his artistic achievements via Google.


Setting the introductions aside, Google promises us to take YouTube viewing into a 360-degree approach. Because of this technology, you can even watch your own personally-made videos along with your favorite artist (not only Snoop Dog) even without meeting him or her in person. If you’re that lucky enough, your favorite artist can also take others along with him and watch your videos and make some commentaries. Just by activating the SnoopaVision button in the settings menu, you can enable SnoopaVision in videos as long as they’re taken in 360 degrees.


As of now, the SnoopaVision is currently under beta testing. However, it is reported that it is scheduled for release July 27, 2043, though experts doubt whether it’s an April Fools’ Day Prank or not.