How to buy diamonds online

How to buy diamonds online – Step by Step

Shopping via for clothing and apparel can be a tad tricky due to some factors affecting sizes, materials used, actual fitting and effect of the clothes to the shopper.  Just like in the case of apparel, it is pretty intimidating to do online shopping on accessories as precious as diamonds.  Shopping diamonds online will benefit you time, comfort, money and protection (as you won’t be susceptible to the eyes of snatchers or robbers).  Nevertheless, there are some points you need to be aware about before making your purchase:


How to buy diamonds online
How to buy diamonds online


Point #1: Research about the diamond market. This may be a tough task, but bear in mind that you are actually investing money. Gain knowledge about the stone itself such as its value in the market and certain factors affecting its value.  Moreover, search for a reliable market.  You may personally ask around for recommendations or simply Google authenticity of the store.  Once you already pinpoint your choice of store, know of their conditions, mode of purchase and policies.

Point #2: Remember the diamond specifics.  Scrutinize your prospective purchase just like in the same way you would consider specs of tablet or phone.  This time, gauge the following qualities of the diamond: carat, color, clarity and cut.

Point #3: Request authentic snaps of the diamonds.  Choosing diamonds on basis of pictures is altogether risky in many points.  You may also put in mind that there are Photoshops which can enhance pictures and may be really different up close, so your skill with the diamond specifications will come in handy here.

Point#4: Ask for the certifications reinforcing the genuineness of the diamonds.  Certifications serve as your warranty.  Hence, be sure to include such in your appraisal.  However, you may want to know that certifications vary on how much carat or history the diamonds bear.  Do your research on this.  Meanwhile, here are some key points:


  • GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and EGL (European Gemological Laboratory) provide certifications one lose stones.
  • Estate pieces and antiques/ heirlooms are often evaluated by independent appraisers so you can hire one.
  • For lose diamonds in modern setting, ask for lab certification.


How to buy diamonds online
How to buy diamonds online