How to Make Sure that your Diamond is Firmly Set on its Ring

How to Make Sure that your Diamond is Firmly Set on its Ring

There’s a saying that diamonds are girls’ best friend and that diamonds are meant to last forever. That’s the reason why diamonds have high value and are given the highest possible regard when it comes to valuable stones. Nowadays, there are many kinds of jewelry that has diamonds in them, jewelry that usually fetch a very good price. As most of us know, diamonds are well-accepted ‘stars’ of a romantic moment, especially if a man proposes to his girlfriend or fiancée to become his wife. Along with a good scenario and background music, the proposal will become the most special moment in a woman’s life.

How to Make Sure that your Diamond is Firmly Set on its Ring

However, even though diamonds last forever, chances are that the ring itself is still subject to wear and tear, thereby making the diamond fall out of its place. Well, it’s very frustrating if somebody loses her diamond not only because of its price but also of its sentimental value.


So if you have a diamond ring and you don’t want this to happen, you must make sure that you do the simple checks that are listed below.


  1. Check whether the center stone is slightly out of place. It actually depends on the type of ring setting your diamond has. If your setting consists of the usual four or six-pronged support, you can just try to move the center stone gently in four different directions. If you don’t see any kind of movement then, your diamond stone is safe. If your diamond is bezel set, meaning it is actually put without any kind of protruding support, you can just get a small pin and poke the diamond gently. However, make sure that you do it gently or else, you could hasten the process of getting it loose.


  1. Check the side stones also. If in case that your diamond ring has some side stones, you can also use the small pin since it is set in a bezel style. However, just like in bezel-set center stones, you must make sure that you do the prodding correctly.


  1. Avoid pressing your stones harshly. The usual mistake people commit is that they tend to press their hands on the center stone whenever they remove their ring out of their fingers. The correct way of removing it is by taking hold of the ring shanks or side before pulling it off. Pressing your thumb into the stone will definitely make it fall off.