That one jewellery adored to adorn daily- Bangle

Each time she moved and swayed she made her presence felt. Now when I don’t get to hear that sweet metallic tinkle from the dozen bangles in her hand I feel the absence of my grandma. It would irk to hear her shout “Girls don’t have empty hands, you need to wear a bangle”.It sounded like an old school thought and  I wondered from where did this come from! Indian traditions and the grandparent’s folk lore truly amaze. Well, it was foolish for us to think of them as illogical while they were the ones scientifically proven.

I was zapped to explore and realise the factual reasons behind these traditions. Like the Mangalsutra which although is a beautiful piece of jewellery but has a heavy soulful connection of binding a couple. Well, science says that the black beads have the repellent properties that can ward off any evil casts on the newlyweds. So logically freed from negative vibes obviously leads to a blissful wedded life. Who would know that wearing a small piece of jewellery could prove so beneficial?

Similarly, my Grandma who although did not educate me the logic but gave me inquisitive reasoning which was a shocking revelation.  The friction caused by adorning bangles on the wrist eases the circulation of blood and thus regulates the pressure. Furthermore, enables mental well-being by keeping impatience in control. Isn’t that mind-blowing? No wonder my grandma was always so cool!

Well knowingly or unknowingly be it for traditional, logical or fashionable reasons women and their interest for jewellery is scientifically still a puzzle. Right from birth, she as a girl, she as a poised lady, she as a respectable woman adorns the shining metal of gold in various facets in vivid art forms.

Everyday wear:

Irrespective of any other accessories, married or not married, women adorn the bangles. Sometimes it’s just a single smart design or paired or the attention seeking dozen. Gold bangles are part of every closet forming a choice of daily wear. Ornamentation although is for special occasions but this doesn’t limit for the bangles.


The trending Designs of Bangles:

With time with the trend, the curves and bends are no longer limited to just round ring bangles. There could be a single bold heavy bangle prominently known as “Kada” or the Bollywood songs protagonists advertising infamous songs of   “Bole Choodiyan”. Whether the 70s, 80s 90s or the latest z generation, the small screen and big screen divas have proven that bangles always played the role of first love.  Our Devdas cast played by Shahrukh although London learned couldn’t unscrew the simple “KADA” of Parvathi!  How does one ignore the saas-bahu emotion of passing the family traditional bangles? Reasons, seasons and traditions reiterate that bangle is no easy ornament but a deeply rooted emotion.


Simple but Strong: Gold metal when teamed with copper or silver is no longer a delicate beauty. The well knowledgeable craftsmen use this science and their skilful art to beautifully handcraft some exclusive simple bangles which have no impact in the daily rugged life race. The tinkle of bangles makes your presence felt to your beloved. Looks could be deceptive because just by seeing a thin simple bangle, do not assume it to be fragile as it could be cast strong like the inner strength of a woman.


Fashionably Vibrant: Embedded with enamels or studded with gems, cast in floral or other latest trends all hearts taken for the vibrancy of the fashionable bangles. The radiance and visibility cajole the demand for the latest designs of minute art. The young college teens choose the symmetrical or floral simple bangles which easily sync with fashion wear. Bangles not only go well with the traditional wear but latest bangle designs pair well with the western too.


Antique Jewellery: Without the shimmer and shine the antique jewellery collection especially bangles are now trending with images of the divine. They embellish the traditional attires when adorned in heavily bordered or Zari sarees. Once gold was just the glitter, today its even more worthy without it. True resonance of art is depicted in the antique jewellery. Thus, increasing its demand to match the ever-evolving trends.

The modern-day smart shoppers explore the varied options to balance their investment on every gold purchase, with no thought of compromising on the trends and designs as well. The answer to this hunt is the Vaibav collection on website where the ornaments are the true value for money. Design with the soul of emotions, flair amalgamation of art and trend gives the best opportunity to explore reason and make a wise decision.