17 websites for referring outstanding web design

Web design and development have gone to an advanced level. There are multiple ways through which web development can be handled just like the web developers do. Here are a few sources they refer in order to design and code websites.

outstanding web design
outstanding web design

The Great Discontent– This is a famous site that presents interviews of people in creative field and feature them emphasizing on fascinating visuals.

Polygon– This site features video games news, their features and even reviews from consumer and professional point of view.

Charles Apple’s Blog– This blog includes basic design appearances, job opportunities, and news design. Discussions on standards and ethics for graphics and design are also featured here.

Web Design Ledger– Innumerable tutorials, resources, and free templates is the focus of this blog. It has a list of beautiful design work, tricks, and tips.

Source- Source has a large pool of participants from diverse publications who post tutorials and their project on this site.

Chartsnthings– It is a personal blog that brings forth the creativity of the graphics team of The New York Times. Screenshots and graphics are posted in support of the finished products displayed by the team on the Times site.

R-Bloggers– This is the blog used by statisticians who use R language for web development analysis.

NICAR Listserv– The National Institute for Computer-Assisted Reporting (NICAR) is a large database of code sheets and records that are generally referred by journalists.

FFFFOUND- It is a community focusing on image bookmarking. Users collect, segregate, post, and share images from other sources.

Chrome Experiments– Chrome Experiments features the best project out of all the submitted ones. All projects are built in JavaScript and HTML5 with free tools.

Post Graphics– The Post Graphics works on portraying projects accomplished by The Washington Post which is similar to chartsnthings. Readers get to know how the projects are successfully accomplished.

Smashing Magazine– It is a resource for web design and coding. It covers a variety of graphics, coding, UX, and mobile design. It even offers workshops.

Planet Haskell– This blog focuses on featuring coding news.

Escapist Magazine– Escapist Magazine delivers game design and reviews especially for the gaming community.

GitHub- Crucial features, simple and usable interface are what GitHub is. It has a beautiful design which covers up all the complexity.

This Is My Jam– The power of sharing single music numbers is offered by this social app. A lot of creativity is put in on the album art to make full-page background.

A List Apart– It is an online magazine that emphasizes on web design and development. They are the leaders of the ethics and standards-based wed designing.