Campfire Cooking

How to Make a Spit for Campfire Cooking – 7 Steps

A spit is used to hold the meat over a fire for cooking.  This method, also known as rotisserie, was very popular in the medieval age and still can be seen in this modern age.  We can see commercially released rotisserie chicken and the popular ‘lechon.’


During camping, a spit can provide campers a means into cooking their little games such as fish, wild fowls, etc.   Just skewer your game with a spit, put it above the fire and roast until the meat is already cooked.

Campfire Cooking
Campfire Cooking




  1. Look for a spot that is dry, debris-free and protected from the wind. Also prepare a fire wall made of rocks or stones, forming it into a circular form.


  1. Prepare fire using any method you know but make sure to have large logs that will keep the fire going. Wait for the coals to form wherein it should have the red-orange glow.


  1. Meanwhile, make your spit by getting a skewer stick and—of course—the support sticks. The support sticks are the one that will support your skewer above the fire. For the skewer, you have to select a green branch that won’t easily get burnt over the fire. It should be a long, slender and relatively straight, central branch.


  1. Trim the smaller branches around it and soak your spit into water to make it more fire-resistant (remember the method when you use wooden sticks for the BBQs?).


  1. For the support sticks, you have to choose the two Y-formed sticks that you have to place at the opposite sides of the fire camp you prepared. Put rocks around them to give them a solid support.


  1. Stick through the skewer into the meat you are going to cook and secure the meat with wire or any twine. The idea is to keep the meat in place while you cook it.


  1. You can rotate the central skewer stick so you can cook the meat evenly. Just make sure to keep the red-orange glow of the coals alive so you won’t have any problems.