Candy Crush bigger than Twitter: Will the trend go long?

The company behind the famous game Candy Crush and other games, King Digital Entertainment filed paperwork for an IPO where it mentioned amazing facts regarding the popular Candy Crush. The file says that December 2013 saw about 93 million active users and more than 1 billion games played per day which accounted for an average of 78% of King Digital’s overall revenue only in the fourth quarter.

In a nutshell Candy Crush which was launched in market two years was able to make $450 million dollar as revenue which is nearly double the amount that Twitter made in the same time. Moreover both Candy Crush as well as Twitter has comparable number of users supposing that a small majority of 408 million users are from the famous Candy Crush.

Candy Crush is now believed to be one of the most interactive entertainment sagas of all time as per the notes filed by the King Digital entertainment, the owner of Candy Crush. This may be a blessing as well as a curse for King as this is no more a secret now.

Other than Candy Crush, King Digital Entertainment has more than 180 other games but since the company has considered three different timings in the IPO filing it mentions that not only Candy Crush but other small games contribute to substantial amount of revenue. Perhaps Pet Rescue witnesses 15 million users daily which amount to one-sixth of what Candy Crush has.

But as the time will pass the success of Candy Crush will fade which is quite predictable through the reports where the company’s revenue fell slightly in the fourth quarter from the previous quarter. Initially the company has a modest business of $63 million revenue in 2011 but with the launch of Candy Crush, a Twitter-sized business it saw great profits coming. However it is now shrinking.

But this is not necessary that Candy Crush would fall apart the same Zynga did which went public at $10 a share and dipped to as low as $2 share and converted from desktop gaming to entering into mobile gaming world.