Clock Time The Truth Behind 10:10

Clock Time: The Truth Behind 10:10

We all know that watches and timepieces are frequent nowadays. Tag Heuer, Swatch, Swiss and lots more have been circulating the market, featuring a certain design that will surely establish their so-called ‘company trademark’. However, did anyone of you notice that in almost every watch commercial, the clock time is rather frozen into 10:10 or 10:10:38 in a more accurate way?

Clock Time The Truth Behind 10:10
Clock Time The Truth Behind 10:10


Most people say that geeks tend to notice the weirdest things. What they don’t really know is the real message behind this one. The reason behind 10:10 or 10:10:38 isn’t just a myth, after all.


If you’re somewhat interested to know, these are the most probable reasons behind this one.


  1. The 10:10 rather represents or symbolizes a smile. If you’re going to think of round watches set in this time, you will rather notice a smiling face. As we all know, a smile symbolizes a positive attitude or happiness.


  1. The 10:10 emphasizes the timepiece’s Brand Name. If you’re a watch owner, you may have already noticed that the manufacturer names are put on the upper half of the watch. If you’re going to set the time at 10:10, it somehow emphasizes the brand name, therefore boosting up promotions.


  1. It also says that you’ve made the right choice. Think of the clock hands this way. Not only it shows us a smile; because of the shorter hour hand, it also forms a ‘check mark’, meaning that buying the watch is the right choice for you.


  1. It also symbolizes victory. Other people think that aside from being a check mark, it also forms a letter ‘v’ for victory.