How to Donate or Give Your Old Things Away

How to Donate or Give Your Old Things Away

During our childhood days, our parents taught how to give importance to our own possessions, especially those that we worked for. This is a virtue, considering that it teaches us how to cherish our property. That’s the reason why most of us know the so-called ‘sentimental value’.

How to Donate or Give Your Old Things Away

When it comes to material things such as clothes, shoes and accessories, though, applying this can be messy. Let’s just say that you have ‘hoarded’ a lot of it along with your increasing working experience. Buying these things isn’t an issue at all. However, if you happen to use up all of the available spaces inside your house, such an issue isn’t a laughing matter anymore. And since fashion is being updated in a constant basis, keeping up with the trend will surely leave you a big pile of things that really needs to be disposed of.


Main Solution: Declutter your Closet

If in case that your closet (or house) starts getting cramped-up, there’s definitely a need for you to give your old things away. Depending on the situation, you can either sell those or donate it. The first one sure sounds like having an immediate source of income. However, before you try that plan, you have to consider everything, starting from washing and cleaning, packaging up to finding the right store that will be willing to sell it. That’s the reason why most people nowadays just donate their used clothing in non-profit organizations.


How to Donate

Donating clothes, shoes and accessories isn’t an easy matter. That’s the reason why you have to choose a charitable institution that will definitely have a personal meaning to you. This way, you will be rest assured that the new owner/s will also cherish the things that you worked hard for. In addition to that, this will also help you in battling the so-called ‘hoarding’ mindset. So if you think that giving your things to the orphans is a good thing, then do it. If you think that giving those things to people who happened to live in a place that is stricken with calamity will definitely help them, then don’t hesitate. It all depends on one’s mindset, you know.


When to Donate

There is only one perfect time for donating your old things away: that is, when you don’t have available storage space to store your new things anymore.