Electric Heaters

5 Disadvantages of Electric Heaters

Portable electric space heaters are pocket-friendly but do they also promote safety?  While they do not emit carbon-monoxide in a way their fuel-burning counterparts, they can also be hazards in their own way.  We have listed several instances when electric space heaters can be real hazard.  Alongside, we also give advice in how to avoid these circumstances.

Electric Heaters
Electric Heaters


Tripping Hazard

Cords of electric space heaters should be orderly placed in areas where people do not usually wander.  Damaged cords may impose potential fire hazards.


Overloading of Circuits

Portable heaters utilize great amount of electricity.  Be sure not to plug them in outlets together with other appliances which also great electricity consumers as they may cause circuit overload.  Moreover, do not plug these heaters in extension cords as they are not made to use such extensions.

Electric Heaters
Electric Heaters


Electric Shock Risks

Common sense says that when an appliance uses electricity, might as well avoid them from places which are susceptible to water spills. Do not put them in your kitchen, shower room, or behind indoor plants.



If you’re in a household with kids or pets, might as well avoid putting your electric heater in areas where children or pets may touch it.  Since it’s a heater, it becomes very hot and one can get scorched upon skin contact.



Neglect in monitoring your portable electric space heater is most likely to cause house fire.  Electric shock, circuit overload and putting combustible materials near the electric heater heighten probability of house fire.