Fix Your Flip flops

How to Emergency Fix Your Flip-flops

It is summer and to enjoy the warm, sunny day at the beach, a pair of flip-flops is a must have.  Imagine yourself running at the revitalizing wet sand with your flip-flops on, enjoying the wind against your face.  Yet you suddenly hear the surprising click of torn rubber on your feet.  Upon checking, you see that you just did it.

 Fix Your Flip flops
Fix Your Flip flops


A broken strap shouldn’t deter your enjoyment.  Here are few quick emergency fixes you can do for your flip-flops:



  • Your broken flip-flop(s)
  • scissors


Several other options:

  • safety pin
  • elastic hair tie
  • rope or shoelaces



(Note: If the rubber stud just popped out from the hole without damage, you can push it back easily.)


Using safety pin method:

  1. If the rubber stud is still attached, you can easily slip it back to the hole.
  2. Push the safety pin at the base of the stud and close.
  3. Gently pull the strap until the safety pin comes against the sole.


Using the elastic hair tie method:

  1. If the straps lose their studs, you can simply pull them off.
  2. Get the elastic bands and wrap them around the soles of the flip-flops. These are easily converted as your new flip-flop straps.


Using the rope or shoe-lace method:

  1. Cut the ropes in half and pull both ends through the top hole.
  2. Secure by making a double knot and that the knot is big enough not to go through the hole again.
  3. Now, make the side straps by pulling each rope (or shoelace) end onto the separate holes.
  4. Tie a double knot again to secure the other end of the straps. You can also be creative about it by strapping the rope around your ankles and legs.
Fix Your Flip-flops
Fix Your Flip-flops