Green Coca Cola bottles

Coca Cola new flavor – Green Coca Cola Can

It is a well-known fact that aerated drinks are not good for health.  It literally spoils the system.  This is one of the major reasons why many people have started to switch from such drinks to healthier fruit juice.  To top it all, there was a major criticism against Coca-Cola stating that the beverage is completely unhealthy and should not be sold in the market.  There was absolute rejection to the product.  In the earlier Coca-Cola people feared that the sweetener used in these drinks are unhealthy and the cause of weight gain.


Green Coca Cola Can
Green Coca Cola Can


In response to this Coca-Cola has come up with a new product called Coke Life.  This product is based on a mix of sugar and stevia, it has 89 calories for a 330ml serving vs 139 calories for the same serving of regular Coke.   This product has been launched in certain countries like Argentina, United Kingdom and Chile.  It is about to hit the US market this fall.


Green Coca Cola bottles
Green Coca Cola bottles


Sodas sales had decreased for the past nine years.  It is to be seen how people react to this product, given the fact that stevia has become popular with the health crowd, though it is unclear how popular it is in the mainstream culture.  There is definitely going to be some change after the launch of this new product when it comes to Soda sales.  It is to be seen whether it makes a mark throughout the world or are people going to reject this product as well.

Get on to a healthier living by making the right choices when it comes to food and drinks.  Coca-Cola has come up with this product which ensures that the sweetener is calorie free and definitely the calories are much less compared to the old Coke.

It is to be seen if coke life makes wonders and gets the Soda sales back to its top or would it not make any difference in the Soda segment.  Good products are always liked by people and if Cola maintains what it has said about the product then it will be a hit in the market.