Hack an Elevator

How to Hack an Elevator in Five Easy Steps

Are you tired of seeing the elevator stop at every building floor? As most of us have observed, the elevator’s ‘stop and open’ strategy at every floor is nothing but stressful, especially if no one’s using the elevator other than you. It is also very stressful if you needed to get inside your floor quickly but those who had ridden the elevator before you had played a prank by pushing all of the elevator buttons before he or she got out.

How to Hack an Elevator in Five Easy Steps

The truth is, there are some simple and so-called ‘elevator hacks’ that you can use whenever the situation needs it. Depending on the elevator model and age, these tricks can be somewhat different from the other one. As we can all see, these hacks and tricks are exclusive for maintenance staff only. However, if you manage to do these tricks, the elevator will definitely give you an express ride straight to your floor.


Listed below are the most known elevator hacks, as for the time of this writing:

  1. Using an Elevator Key – Elevator consoles nowadays are designed to be opened by means of an elevator key. This key is usually handled by those who are in-charge of the elevator maintenance. Once you have the key, you can easily manipulate the elevator to give you a straight ride to your floor. If you’re quite interested, you can try buying the elevator keys online.


  1. Door Close and Your Floor Button Combination – For those elevators which don’t have any visible keyhole, you can try using this simple technique in order for you to have an express ride. You can use this in elevator brands such as OTIS, DESERT and DOVER models. Just press and hold the close door button before pressing and holding your floor number button. Don’t let go until the elevator reaches your desired floor.


  1. Press and Hold Your Floor Number Button – In some later models, you can achieve this express elevator ride just by pressing and holding your desired floor number until you reach your destination.


  1. Manually Cancel the Other Floor Number Buttons – Depending on the elevator model, you can either double-press or press other floor number buttons five times in order for the highlighted buttons to get cancelled.


  1. Planting Your Foot on the elevator door – If the tricks above don’t work, try this one. However, due to the fact that most elevators nowadays have hidden cameras installed, this method is not recommended.