How to be like an Angel

How to be like an Angel – 5 steps

Who does not want to be like an Angel.  Angels are said to be from heaven and everybody loves them.  So, it is obvious that people would want to be like them.  It is not so difficult to be like an Angel.  Just follow these tips and you could be the Angel that everyone loves.

How to be like an Angel
How to be like an Angel



Be gentle.

Learn to be a good listener. That is the key. Always listen to others, and they will think you actually understand. Don’t interrupt, and look focused on people when they talk. Give advice, too. That way, people will come up to you and would feel your aura.

Be sweet and/or charming. It takes skills, so check out: How to be charming and How to be sweet.

Don’t always be crazy. Have fun, but don’t go over the top. This will only make other irritated and they will not like you.

Be talkative if you want, but do not interrupt others when they are talking.

Be empathetic.  It is important that you understand what others are going through and you let them know it as well.

Feel what others are feeling. Just always be able to sense their feelings.

Be polite. Don’t talk with your mouth full, give gifts occasionally, say please and thank you.

Be mature

Don’t make fuss.  Just flow through life, do not make a fuss about everything.

Always be there for others.  Tell people that you understand them and their issues if they have any.

Be a little quiet sometimes. Not shy, just quiet. Be modest and coy, not showy.

Don’t every be angry

Walk in a calm poised manner

Always be confident and never be insecure

Lighten things around you.  If the ambience is serious then try and make it light, say a joke.  Let people relax.

Don’t talk too much about yourself

Always be able to differentiate right from wrong

Be smiling and helpful to others, this is what angels do

Follow all of these things and you will turn out to be the angel that people love to be around and take their advice.


How to be like an Angel
How to be like an Angel