Clean Inside a Dishwasher

How to Clean Inside a Dishwasher Using Household Ingredients

Can you imagine how grimy and greasy your dishwashing could be after the many times of helping you wash those oily plates and utensils? Tidying up your dishwasher at least once a month makes a lot of difference for your kitchen pal.  For one, you get to know that it still functions well.  Secondly, it ensures you that it really does its task.


Clean Inside a Dishwasher
Clean Inside a Dishwasher


Now, you don’t have to buy expensive products anymore just your dishwasher to be filth-free.  You can actually clean and deodorize your dishwasher with the use of some common household ingredients.




  • Baking soda
  • White vinegar (distilled)
  • Lemon essential oils
  • Clean cloth or rag



  1. First, you have to remove the bottom rack and generously spray the inside of the dishwasher with the distilled white vinegar.
  2. Use a clean cloth or rag to wipe the seal and the inside of the dishwasher thoroughly.
  3. Put the bottom rack back to its place and pour 1 cup of vinegar into the bottom of your dishwasher.
  4. Add 1 cup of baking soda and add 3 drops of lemon essential oils into the bottom of your dishwasher. The lemon essential oils will deodorize your dishwasher.
  5. Turn your dishwasher on and let it run on the Light Wash cycle.




  • This process will definitely clean your dishwasher, eliminate the food particles and deter mold and mildew from forming as well. It also disinfects, deodorize and clean the plumbing that is connected to your dishwasher.
  • Adding lemon essential oils can be optional, too.