How to deal with sales people


When one goes for shopping, we all encounter different kinds sales person.  Some are pleasing and understanding while some turn out to be really annoying.  Salespeople might perform their duty in-house or go for door-to-door marketing and selling and some do it over the telephone.  Many of us find salesperson to be manipulative, persistent and they just will not give up with their sales techniques and will not leave the house or the customer till they buy the product.  There are ways to avoid such sales people and lead a comfortable life and do a good shopping as well.


How to deal with sales people
How to deal with sales people


  • Use direct language:  Be very clear that you are not interested in buying the product and will not yield to the sales person for buying any goods or product.
  • Avoid inviting body language:  Do not make eye contact which may seem to be an invitation into a discussion.  Maintain a straight face, smiling may provoke the sales person to come to you and discuss further regarding the product.
  • Ask for the sales person information:  Tell the sales person that you prefer to shop on your own, but that you will contact them if you think you need assistance.
  • If there any inappropriate behaviour report it to the manager
  • As soon as you realize you have been called by a sales person make them aware that you are not interested in talking with them any further
  • Take the sales persons name and contact details
  • In the end let them know that they should put you in the do not call list
  • Speak with the manager:  When frustrating sales persons call then directly talk to the manager and report the problem, so that next time you are not called upon by them.

Always use the following techniques and avoid been continuously called upon by sales person who take up your valuable time and always tend to disturb without realising that you might have better things to do.  Follow the steps and avoid being disturbed by sales


How to deal with sales people
How to deal with sales people



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