How to increase your skills

How to increase your skills and hobbies

Hobbies play an important role in a child’s life.  One should introduce different interest and hobbies in to children.  Later they can decide as to which one they want to continue for life and will always pursue that particular hobby.  It may vary from drawing, dancing, music, writing, sport etc.  Learning a new hobby is always good and will only benefit the child and also as an adult it will only do good for the individual.  If one becomes really good in the hobby it can become a talent and will make the individual more popular and confident in that field.


How to increase your skills
How to increase your skills


  • Drawing:  Get a drawing book, pencil and colours.  Draw what you feel like and show it to your friends.  They will be amazed by your skill.
  • Painting:  Get the appropriate water colours and brush and go ahead with the painting.  It will turn out to be very colourful and beautiful.
  • Try making sculpture:  You can do it with clay art to begin with.
  • Music:  Listen to your favorite song and try to play it in your guitar.
  • Reading:  Start reading your favorite book.  See how the writer has written it and then you can also try and write a short story or even a poem.
  • Sports:  Start playing the sport that you like.  Slowly you will become good at it and may also become a pro in it.
  • Cooking:  It is another hobby that one can pursue.  This will let you make new dishes and enjoy the same at home.  One need not go to hotels and restaurants to eat the same.

There are many different hobbies that one can take up.  One should always be encouraged to pursue a hobby.  This way one does not waste time because by doing something or the other one always learns new things and will not while away the time by not doing anything.  Whiling away time leads to boredom, but hobbies keeps one occupied and also they keep learning and increase their talent each and every time they are pursuing it.