How to Make Fake Blood

How to Make Your Very Own Fake Blood

Can’t get enough of the gory side of Halloween or just stuck up with the idea of a practical joke for your friends? Either way, you can’t get enough of the blood and gore, so why not make your idea of blood effects come to life using some kitchen ingredients?  Films aren’t the only ones entitled for fake bloods, are they? So follow these steps and you can create your own fake blood in no time.

How to Make Fake Blood
How to Make Fake Blood


Step One: Get your ingredients to constitute your own fake blood.

  • Water
  • Corn Syrup
  • Food Coloring (Red, Blue and Green colors)
  • Flour and Cornstarch or Chocolate or Maple Syrup


Step Two: Prepare your tools. Measuring is a must in this activity.

  • Measuring spoons and cups.
  • Spoon/ stirrer
  • Bowls


Step Three: Start making that blood syrup.

  • Mix one part of water and three parts of corn syrup.
  • Add drops of red food coloring little by little while stirring the mixture. Be sure that your syrup begins to get the blood color.
  • Add a bit of blue or green to acquire an arterial blood (bright shade of red) or venial blood (dark shade of red) coloring. Be conscious of your blue hue or you will get your purple blood in no time.
  • Put thickener to your blood.
    • For dry thickener, you can use flour and cornstarch.
      • Just add a sifted dry mix of flour and cornstarch to your syrup and stir.
      • Remove lumps if ever there are.
    • For wet thickener, you can use chocolate or maple syrup.
      • Pour in choco (or maple) syrup to your previous mix.
      • Continue to add until you attain your desired level of sweetness. Remember, however, that chocolate syrup gives off that dark coloring that you can use for venous blood kind. Also use the maple syrup sparingly as it brings more thickness and sweetness.
    • Leave your blood mixture for about 10 minutes in room temperature, letting it coagulate a bit.
    • Have a hearty laugh freaking people out.
    • Caution: Be sure that your practical joke does not involve people with heart problems!
How to Make Fake Blood
How to Make Fake Blood
How to Make Fake Blood
How to Make Fake Blood