How to meditate with your inner voice

How to meditate with your inner voice – 10 steps

In this chaotic world and our regular routine, we all need the time for relaxation and peace.  There are so many thoughts that keep running in our mind that we are never free of tension and worries.  The best way to relieve ourselves from stress and tension is to meditate.  Meditation is a way of relaxation and the path to enlightment.  We should detach ourselves from the world and focus one thing and get our mind to rest, well-being, positivity and enlightment arise.  All negativity vanishes.  We think positivily and all our worries vanish.  We are again ready to face the world with new light.

The steps for meditation:

  • Sit in your meditation seat and the posture.  Keep your legs crossed, hands on your lap with the tip of the index finger and thumb of each hand touching.  Have your eyes closed.
  • Breathe in and out.
  • Calm down and relax.
  • Feel what you need and find your personal practice.
  • Stop thinking and do not let any thoughts come to your mind.
  • Visualize the earth and hope that all beings are happy.
  • Now connect with God because HE is the only one who can show us the right path.
  • Now question yourself.  Think about your life and your goals.  Meditate on the question and let the answer come.
  • Say the mantra OM.  Keep your back straight and stomach relaxed.  Keep saying the mantra all the time.
  • Be positive. 

Once you finish the meditation you will feel very light and relaxed.  There will not be any tension which would bother you.  If you practice this on a daily basis, it will give you good health, relaxed and calm mind and you will be able to get all the answers to your questions.  Then the daily struggle and fights will seem mundane to you.  You will start enjoying every bit of your life and will flow with positivity, this will not only influence your family but also your friends and colleagues.  Meditation is extremely good for the well-being.


How to meditate with your inner voice
How to meditate with your inner voice