How to help save the environment for kids

How to save the environment for kids

All of us should take good care in preserving the environment.  This is very important for the future generations.  One can do the part by saving energy, water and gas, recycling, nurturing the outdoors, and reducing your material consumption.  One has to remember that everything we eat, drink and breathe is a part of environment.  So, the responsibility rests on our shoulder to keep the environment the way it is and save it from any kind of damage which can be caused due to us consciously or unconsciously.  Come forward to save your environment and live in a healthy ambiance.

How to help save the environment for kids
How to help save the environment for kids


  • Saving energy:  Switch off anything that requires electricity once you have done with its use.  Put timers to your lamps so that everyday at a particular time the lamps will go off.  These timers can be found in hardware stores which can be put in your lamps.
  • Unplug:  Leaving devices plugged in like laptop chargers and toasters can eat up phantom of energy.  Plug off all your appliance once you have done using it and save energy.
  • Use renewable energy source
  • Trade your dryer for an old fashioned clothesline:  Start using clothesline to dry your clothes and stop using the electric dryer.  Let the clothes dry naturally instead of using electricity to speed up the process.
  • Save water:  Check for leaks in the tap.
  • Turn off the tap when not using the water
  • Use sustainable transport
  • Use a bicycle if you need to go only 5-10 km
  • Plan your errands properly so that you need not take round about routes
  • Get a hybrid:  These have become very popular in the market and will make you take less trips to the gas/fuel stations.
  • Take recycling seriously
  • Avoid using plastic
  • Use only as much toilet paper as you need

Do all of the above steps and conserve energy as much as you can.  This will only let you enjoy all the source of energy more than usual and let everybody enjoy it equally.


How to help save the environment for kidsHow to help save the environment for kids
How to help save the environment for kids