How to Store a Cigar

How to Store a Cigar – 6 Steps

Note and Warning: As we all know, cigarette smoking is dangerous to health.

If you’re a fan of cigars or a retailer of them, know that these sticks are temperature vulnerable.  Hence, it is recommended that they must be kept in proper storage.  This article will help you with tips and steps in how to store cigarettes.


Quick Storage

So you’re not a chain-smoker but you smoke in intervals—let’s say, every other day.  The following steps must be observed to maintain its freshness:


  • Cigars should be stored in 70⁰F (or around 21.5⁰C) with the humidity of around 70 per cent. Some can be stored in their own cigar packet.
  • You can also store cigars inside a plastic bag but keep it open to avoid moist building. We recommend the zip-lock kind as they serve practical use.
  • Don’t freeze your cigars for as they can dry up in high temperature, they can build moist in cold temperature.
How to Store a Cigar
How to Store a Cigar


Using Humidors and Humidifier

Humidors are storage boxes for cigarettes.  They are akin to old-fashioned jewelry boxes and are of great purpose when it comes to keeping cigars in good condition for long storage period.


  • Acquire a humidor lined with cedar as this wood regulates the temperature within.
  • Purchase a humidifier for your humidor. Humidifiers come in several types: sponge-style, humidor beads and digital humidifiers.
    • Sponge-style- the least expensive kind and most common, too. They usually lined along the lid and were pre-soaked in propylene glycol solution or PG.
    • Humidor beads- moisture-sensitive silica that may be priced in between $18-20.
    • Digital- the most expensive kind but are most reliable of all humidifiers.
  • Buy a hygrometer, calibrate it and attach to within the humidor.
How to Store a Cigar
How to Store a Cigar