Tips to improve your OkCupid profile

Finding love now days is a common thing now days and OKCupid is one of the leading online dating sites in the states. But once you register with one site of the same genre, it becomes difficult to select one out of many. Actually using a website is not same as partying or visiting a bar for that matter.

With OkCupid this is not the matter as it works like many other social networking sites where you can boost your OKcupid profile by optimizing it just the way you play with your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

So let’s see some tips to improve your OkCupid experience.


The first and foremost thing about online dating is obviously socializing but in case you don’t do that than how would you get responses. Therefore try connecting to as many members you can and you will soon get a match for yourself.

Compelling content:

Try to fill the questionnaire in the most efficient manner and never leave any question blank. This will not only let other know the good sense of you but you also get more responses as no one wants to chat with a void blank. Even OkCupid doesn’t favor a user who hasn’t written anything.

Grab the right timing:

Timing plays an important role when it comes to online dating sessions. Therefore login more when there is possibility of more users online. Weekends and after office hours are best timings to get hooked up with users.

Tag as favorite the profiles you like:

Remember the same old trick of twitter of following the people which follow you back. You can use the same thing OKCupid by tagging people that pique your interest as favorites which is a guarantee for more responses coming your way.

Upload a nice picture:

As we all know that pictures speak more than words and same goes OKCupid dating site. Hence upload a nice picture of yours and let people get the better sense of you. Even you can connect with your Instagram profile through OKCupid therefore giving you more options of upping media.

Let others know your type:

Never take the words that you put in your OkCupid profile lightly. Always make use of popular keywords and let other know what kind of person you are and also upload pictures related to them. Letting them know your type or let’s say your brand will make you more presentable and obviously you will get more responses.

Don’t be obsessed with yourself:

While making profile remember that it is not all about you so don’t overdo the self promotion. Rather convert it into an interesting webpage by adding some links of the blogs you follow or forums you actively participate into.