What are the reasons to deactivate your Facebook Account?

Today not having a Facebook account is similar to Leprosy. Definitely there would be something wrong with you if you do not have a Facebook account to flaunt your social life. The big question is that how would your friends, family and colleagues get to know that what are you doing and what are your establishments in personal as well as professional lives. Other things discussed include your relationship status and topics such as weight gain and any social issue. Rather the scenario is this that if something happens and if it is not out on Facebook, it seems that did it ever happen. Jokes apart but we all feel that Facebook is the end-all and be-all of socializing which means that those who do not own a Facebook account do not have any friends.

Facebook Account?
Facebook Account?

But what folks take into account are the various ways through which Facebook can become a big problem in our lives. It can truly harm our lives instead of improving them. No doubt you can connect with your old friends, get good job opportunities and keep a digital log of our life. But what is seen is that Facebook has become a dark hole in lives of some as for some it is a place where feelings of jealousy and competition engender. Besides self-praise is spelled out by a series of carefully tagged photos and overall productivity time-suck.

Eventually, folks start comparing their everyday routines with online profiles which are mostly crafted out of curated success stories and good experiences. So why not simply deactivate your Facebook account. Although it is very easy to say doing it require a bit of heart. However deactivating the Facebook profile may be a cold turkey option; one can trim down the time spent in the site gradually. Therefore it will enhance the quality of your lives.