Uber Scam – Deduct payment from stored Credit Card

Uber and Uber Freight is about going Bankrupt, Yes they are having, many crises.
Uber should pay twice a week. They are not paying their drivers and owner-operators on time. It’s taking them three to four weeks to pay. They don’t pay fuel advance. Uber has made a system so good for them you have no choice or option, you can’t call them. Numbers they have no one answers. All you can do is e.mail and your problem will never be solved. They are charging their customer’s hidden charges like
$.04 cents, $.08 and $1.30 on their cards that the customers won’t even notice.Good luck finding someone and try to resolve your issue. You probably have better odds in Megamillion lottery.
They are so slick, they are about to walk away with millions of dollars.