Christmas Decors

How to Make Unique and Fun Christmas Decors – 5 Decorative Ideas

Have you ever dared yourself to be quite extravagant when it comes to making your holiday season even brighter and more unique? You don’t need to spend hundreds to thousand bucks in order to do that.  With the use of some recyclable and natural materials, you can immediately convert your yard and house into a Winter Wonderland.


Christmas Decors
Christmas Decors



  • Simple Natural Wreath

You want a more natural look for your Christmas wreath, then do by creating one from chili peppers, lavenders, rosemary and holly.


  • Twig Balls

You can treat your guests with a wintery but warm welcome by hanging a bunch of decorative willow twig balls on your entrance or yard.  Paint the twigs with white, red, blue, gold, silver or green paints. Be as creative as you want to be or as daring as you want to be.


  • Wood Pallet Christmas Tree

Have an old pallet in your storage room? Cut, paint and decorate it into a wonderful Christmas tree.  You can even wrap around colored lights around it and make it more look like a little Christmas tree.


  • Paper Bag Luminaries

Recycle those paper bags and convert them into paper bag luminaries by putting LED battery-powered tea lights inside.  Line them up to your hallway and turn them on at night.


  • Lighted PVC Candy Cane

Kids will surely enjoy the lighted PVC candy canes that you can scatter at your garden or yard. These canes can be created using PVC pipes coated with bright colored paint sprays and lighted with LED stand lights.