Robert Procop

14 Best Engagement and Wedding Bands

Most people say that successful marriage lives happen to those who are married in the month of June. However, isn’t it romantic to get married in February, the Month of Love? We all know that Valentine’s Day is coming shortly and you’re now thinking of best dating spots on the whole planet. However, for those who plan to settle down, maybe, this is the best month for you to have your engagement, if not the wedding itself. After that, you still have four months in order for you and your wife-to-be to plan your wedding.

Since Valentine’s Day happens in the 14th day of this month, here are the best 14 Engagement and Wedding bands made by the most famous jewelers of this century:

  1. From Robert Procop, the designer of Angelina Jolie’s engagement ring, a heart-shaped ring along with an Emerald-center stone is a very wonderful choice. Being regarded as the signature stone of Goddess Aphrodite/Venus, the emerald is a symbol of romantic love and fertility at $480,000 price.


Robert Procop
Robert Procop


  1. From Alison Lou’s Casino Collection, this wedding-band worthy 14k gold Diamond Bling Ring is available in Stone & Strand at the price of $4,310.


  1. From Designer Ileana Makri, this $650 dainty ring twinkles with rubies set in a blackened pink-gold ring along with a polished gold band.


  1. From Gabriel & Co., this $630 14k white gold and diamond ring has its ‘Two hearts beating as one’.


  1. From Diamond Envy, this $2,715 yellow gold ring has a 32-carat heart-shaped Yellow Fancy Diamond in an 18k white gold center.


  1. From Ariel Gordon, this 14k gold Heart Eternity Ring comes at the price of $275.


  1. From Erica Weiner, this $3,000 circa 1850 Victoria Stunner has more than 30 rose cut diamonds set in silver and mounted on a band of 18k yellow gold.


  1. From, this $279.99 heart-shaped ruby ring has a striking appearance.


  1. From Paul Michael Design, this $1,895 (each) 8-bit inspired band is a great choice for gamers.


  1. From Iconery, the 14k gold Lena Wald Tiny Hearts Ring is sold at $350 price.


  1. From Rachel Pfeiffer, this $94 portrays a nature-loving no-frills lovebird.


  1. Another one from Erica Weiner, this $3,700 circa 1790 Betrothal Ring has a Garnet Center Stone and old Mine Cut Diamonds.


  1. From Daniel Gibbings, let your love shine with this $8,750 18k Gold Eros Ring.


  1. From Tiffany & Co., this $88,000 Tiffany Soleste Heart-shaped Yellow Diamond Ring is a luxurious way to tell her that she’s your only Sunshine.